We are Specialist in: Composition - Re-roofs - Re-decks - Roof Repair - Metal Roofs

We are a full-service roofing company that has worked in the Victoria Texas area since 1987. Having worked for some of the biggest construction companies in our region, but still remaining available for the local residents. We are one of the most established and trusted names for roofing services in Victoria, Texas.

  • Roofing Company in Victoria Texas
  • Roofing Contractor in Victoria Texas
  • Roofer in Victoria Texas

Our Services Include:

Shingle Roofing

Major Trash Hauling from Work Sites

Concrete Removal

Metal Roofs

Tearing Down of Walls & Ceilings

Construction Average Sized Patios & Decks

Roofing Details

What We Do

When it comes to shingle roofs, we will tear and replace with the customer's choice of color.

We accept all metal roofs, and will also tear and replace.

We rent equipment for concrete removal, which is added to the bill, and dispose of the materials.

We are capable of doing some carpentry, in terms of patios & decks.

We haul off material waste after the job done

We tear down walls and/or ceilings completely, and dispose of the trash ourselves of course.

About AV Cruz Roofing

Our roofing company is a family owned business that started back in 1987. Mr. Cruz started this company with nothing but experience, and made it what it is today. While the times may change, our belief in an honest price for an honest job has not.

We do the job in as short a time as we can, while promising to bring the best for our customers. Our employees have been doing their job for some time, and we have no doubt as to their capabilities. Each one was trained to do the job, and do it right.

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